IoT Security

IoT devices are playing an increasingly integral role in our everyday lives and are a key part of digitialization. Physical or virtual objects are interconnected to exchange data with other devices or systems via the Internet.

Fraunhofer AISEC addresses the security of IoT components from different perspectives – for example, by securing data and communication flows, by performing software analyses of connected devices and by testing interfaces using fuzzing tools. 

Katharina Bogad

So you want to play with Wi-Fi? It’s dangerous to make frames alone. Take this.

While Wi-Fi communication encryption faces much scrutiny, programming errors in drivers and firmware of embedded devices lack third-party pentesting. In this blog article, our Embedded Security expert Katharina Bogad provides insights in automatic (fuzz) testing of 802.11 firmware and drivers, explains why it is necessary to arbitrarily alter a wireless connection and explores the hardware and software requirements to do so. Further she discusses how to use the monitor mode for passive listening and frame injection and closes with a section of assorted pitfalls.

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