Mobile Security

Mobile devices and applications are an omnipresent part of our everyday lives. They permeate the modern working world, are used for payment transactions, and control the key mechanism of front doors or the production lines of industrial plants. At the same time, they must meet high security requirements. Besides physical threats, they are threatened by insecure networks and (web-based) apps or phishing attacks. Learn how Fraunhofer AISEC increases the IT security of mobile devices and contributes sustainably to more sovereignty in the digital space. 

Lawrence Dean

Android App Link Risks

Android App Links enable linking web content to mobile apps. The provided systems have been shown to have several issues, discovered by Tang et al. back in 2020, primarily link hijacking by three different means. Throughout the years there has been little information on the state of these issues, whether they were fixed and when. This post aims to provide information on exactly that.

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